1. Procurement and Equipment Supply:
    Our sound knowledge of the local and international market place makes it possible for us to easily
    source materials for our projects and clients within the quickest time frame. We have alliances with
    some notable international manufacturers (Such as VELAN Valves, UK) hence our ability to deliver
    these materials at a highly competitive rate.
  2. Warehousing/ Material Control:
    We provide complete warehouse facility support for clients wishing to store their materials. Our
    packages range from covered to open warehouse facilities; material pick-up to delivery;
    Communication facility support.
  1. Project Management/ Manpower Supply:
    Having managed effectively and completed a number of large and medium scale projects in the
    past, JOULES has all it takes to manage and deliver your projects ranging from medium to very
    large integrated structures. Our project management team is saddled with the responsibility of
    getting all key players on the project team; Manage task inter faces; Assures clear ID of task
    completion; Assures communication of task completion; Manage responsibility interfaces; Question
    blurry responsibilities; Clarify delegation levels; Balance the needs of project and client
    organization; Identify stakeholders and their definition of the project; Balance project objectives
    with other objectives; Act as a catalyst and when necessary, a devil’s advocate; Promote effective
    communication and wide participation in decision making.
    From our pool of personnel on stand-by, we can supply to our clients reliable manpower ranging
    from expert professionals to technicians and helpers.
  2. Testing Services:
    As an integral component of our fabrication services, JOULES offers some testing services to her
    clients. This includes NDT Services, Hydrotest, Nitrogen Leak Tests and Nitrogen Gas Purging. All
    NDT services are however subcontracted to certified and experienced NDT firms either nominated
    by our client or JOULES.

The expertise knowledge of the owners and operators of JOULES has ensured the strategic growth and sound
positioning recorded thus far by the firm. This is a direct effect of our increased scope of quality services and
capabilities having greatly improved its facilities and equipment base, recruited more experienced
professionals from multi-disciplinary fields and formed strategic and key technical alliances with notable
service firms within the industry. These factors are strategic to our increased performance, size and scope of