Our partnership with ERGIL Group (ERGIL Corrosion Control Systems) permits JOULES enough room
to offer her clients more diverse and very specific services in this area. Our Cathodic Protection
Technique deploys the use of Galvanic or Sacrificial Anodes made in various shapes using alloys of
Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminum. The electrochemical potential of these alloys in a CPS (Cathodic
Protection System) is more than that of Iron. However for larger structures, Galvanic Anodes cannot
economically deliver enough current to provide complete protection thus a cathodic protection rectifier
(An Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) is used to solve this problem.

Our solution is applicable to: Pipelines, Internal and External Storage Tanks, Power Stations, Jetties/
Harbors, Steel within Concrete Structures, Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels, Shorelines, Ships &
Vessels etc.
The range of services offered by JOULES in this area includes:

  1. Blasting And Painting – This covers grit blasting and the coating system which could be three
    layered depending on client specifications.
  2. Cathodic Protection – This covers Feasibility, Economic Studies & Site Investigations; Soil
    Investigation & Resistivity Survey (Pre-Design), Detailed Design, Procurement, Installation and
    commissioning of Cathodic Protection System; Tests, Maintenance and Repair of Cathodic
    Protection System.
    We have well experienced personnel and facilities to effectively execute our commitments in this
    area of our operations. Our team is always willing to present to our clients the new advances in
    technology deployed while executing a Cathodic Protection Project. The soil resistivity survey
    could be done same time as the route survey since the data collected is utilized during the design of
    the Cathodic Protection System.
  3. Galvanizing