Electrical Engineering:
JOULES has the capability to undertake on a small scale the design, procurement, installation,
commissioning and maintenance of electrical systems/ modules. Our service in this area covers
Electrical Equipment/ Machine, Power Systems and Electrical Control and Protection Systems.

i. Electrical Equipment/ Machines: Installation and maintenance of Turbines, Compressors,
Motors and Generators. Other related services are equally covered.
ii. Power Systems – Services covered include:
(A) Construction/ Procurement and Installation of Street Lighting units, Flood and Facility
Lighting systems.
(B) Facility/ Industrial Wiring systems and Installations
(C)Installation of medium and high voltage systems; Overhead and Underground
Transmission & Distribution Systems
(D)Distribution & Transmission Substations.
iii. Electrical Control and Protection Systems: Installation of Switchgears, Lightening Protection
Systems, Voltage Regulators etc.

Instrumentation Systems:
We have the capability to undertake the design, procurement, installation, commissioning and
maintenance of the following systems:
i. System Control Units/ Modules:
(A) Automatic Tank Gauging & SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Systems
(B)Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
(C) Instrument & Tank Calibration works
(D) Programmable Logic Controls (PLC’s)
(D) Telemetry Systems
(E) Access Control Systems
ii. Emergency/ Safety and Automation Systems:
(A) Emergency and Process Shutdown Systems
(B) Firefighting systems including Foam Barriers, Dams and Sprinklers
(C) Fire and Gas Detection Systems