JOULES is at the final phase of obtaining a U – Stamp to certify the manufacture of Process equipment
independently. We have trained and certified some our Engineers to ASME VIII Codes and Standards
and have also formed strategic alliances with firms owning U & U2 Coded Stamps. We have also
established a successful relationship with DNV Nigeria making it possible to have our processes in this
regard supervised and certified by them.

Quality Management System:
JOULES is committed to providing Oil and Gas facility designs and installations that meet or exceed the
expectations of our clients and all applicable regulatory requirements.
We are committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System while reflecting our
vision of creating value through excellence in people, quality and innovation. This policy is conspicuously
displayed in strategic position within our office and is reviewed as appropriate to ensure its continued
We are currently concluding the certification of our processes to ISO and API Standards and also have in our
employ a SON certified Lead Auditor as the of Quality Control and Assurance unit. We presently operate a
formal Quality Management System based on NIS ISO 9001:2008 – It is implemented and maintained to
ensure the delivery of quality solutions to clients at all times. This system is continually improved in the face
of updates to the provisions of this standard.
Uncontrolled copies of our quality manual and mandatory procedures are provided to our clients upon
request or as the need arise.
CASHES Management System:
Our CASHES policy at JOULES has been formulated to meet the CASHES requirements of both our clients
and international standards. All operations shall be planned and executed in such a manner as to ensure that
the Health, Safety and Security of all our employees, Client’s Representatives, Sub-Contractor personnel and
host community are safeguarded. This CASHES Policy takes into account environmental concerns,
investigation and maintenance of good relationships with the Principal Host Communities.
The implementation of this CASHES Policy is the responsibility of the Line Management. Employees have a
duty to take adequate care of their own safety and the safety of other workers who may be affected by their

The Implementation of the CASHES Policy therefore implies:
1. SHES is considered as a personal responsibility of all staff in the employment of JOULES Services
2. Maximization of Loss Prevention or loss arising from accidents and the preservation of the integrity
and security of JOULES and Client’s assets.
3. Maintaining good relationships with the Host Community, whilst ensuring sensitivity to the needs
and concerns of the Community.
4. Hazards associated with our activities are highlighted and safety measures to eliminate these are
effectively implemented.
5. The SHES Policy is made an inseparable part of our overall business management targets.
6. Statutory Regulations and obligations are obeyed.
7. Health, Safety and Security of our employees, Client personnel and members of the public who might
be affected by our activities are ensured at all times.
8. Environmental pollutions/ distortions are maximally reduced and very strong effort shall be made to
ensure return of the environment to its original state or near its original state where the former becomes
Therefore, JOULES and all her Sub-Contractors shall plan to perform their work in accordance with this
Policy. Any job, which in the opinion of an employee cannot be executed in accordance with this Policy, must be suspended. He/ She must immediately report to his/her direct Supervisor who has the responsibility to
report to the Management, for resolution in accordance with this Policy.
JOULES is committed to the protection of its resources, including employees and physical assets against
human distress and financial loss resulting from accidental occurrences. Loss in productivity and property
Therefore shall be controlled through good Management. Loss Prevention as well as ensuring equipment
integrity through regular preventative maintenance is one aspect of this process and is the direct
responsibility of Line Management.