Our services here cover:

  1. Pipe Insulation – Offers excellent protection for process pipes against corrosion under insulation
    while lowering surface temperature and provides a barrier to heat transfer. The translucent nature
    of the product used permits visual and ultrasound inspection through the coating without its
  2. Tank Insulation – Insulates and protects against corrosion while ensuring energy savings and
    effective running of tank processes. This is equally ideal for already hot tanks and will reduce the
    downtime due to hot processes.
  3. Duct Insulation – This saves energy, prevents condensation, rust and the trapping of mold and
    moisture. It improves comfortable indoor environment where you have ducts.
  4. Industrial Equipment Insulation – Reduces wear and tear of equipment parts and help conserve
  5. Metal Building Insulation – Ideal for the insulation of your portakabins, caravans and metal storage
    facilities. It increases the energy efficiency of your cooling or heating systems by ensuring excellent
    block of heat transfer. This serves industrial projects in remote and very difficult/ hash locations.
    With a strong background in industrial and marine insulation, JOULES is gaining good experience in
    cladding technology and is constantly sourcing the best quality products from both local and
    international market place.